Message by the Consul General
    Welcome to the website of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Mumbai!
     China   and India are both countries of great ancient civilizations, and connected not only by mountains and rivers, but also by history and culture. And the traditional friendship between their peoples can be traced back to ancient times.
       After the transmission of Buddhism from India to China from 1st century, many Indian scholars and monks travelled to China, such as Kumãrajîva( AC. 334-413), who travelled to China in AC.401 and translated the Buddhist texts written in Sanskrit into Chinese. The story of Monk Xuan Zang(AC.602-664),more popularly known as Huen Tsang in India, is well known both in India and China.  He came to India to learn Buddhism.  So did Faxian(AC.337-422), another Chinese monk who came to this country to learn Buddhism, even though he is more popularly known as Fa Hien in India 
      And following their footprints, I too came to this great neighboring country, with mission of further promoting friendship and cooperation between those  two peoples. 
      Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, is located in the west coast line of  India, and is well known world-wide for its important role as India's financial, commercial, cultural and trade centre. To the south of Maharashtra is another state of Karnataka, which is also under our consular jurisdiction. And its capital city of Bengaluru(earlier Bangalore) is famous for IT industry  and  is therefore labeled as  "Asian Silicon Vally".
      The relations between provinces of China and two states of Maharashtra and Karnataka have been continuously strengthened through concrete exchanges and cooperation since diplomatic relations between India and China were established in April, 1950. During 2013-2014, sister-city relations were also set up between Chengdu and Bangalore, and between Shanghai and Mumbai, respectively.
     Over the past years, more and more Chinese enterprises and companies have invested in Maharashtra and Karnataka.  I firmly believe that the enhancement of friendship and cooperation between local governments, enterprises and peoples of both countries will undoubtedly benefit their common development and also be advantageous to their peoples.
     The Consulate General is ready to provide service and assistance to Chinese citizens and enterprises in the above two states, and of course to protect their legal rights and interests according to related laws and norms.
     You are welcome to visit our website regularly and I am ready to listen to your suggestions and criticism as well.
     All the best!


                                                           Zheng Xiyuan

                                            Consul General of P. R. C in Mumbai

                                                            18th Jan, 2015

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