Speech at Thakur Institute
delivered by Zheng Xiyuan, Consul General of PR China in Mumbai(December 14, 2015)

Hon Director Dr. Ramakumar Ambatipudi,

Mr. Suresh Deora, Secretary General of ICCCI

My dear friend Col.Narendra Rawat,

Faculty members and young Indian Friends,


I am very happy to meet you, the future business leaders of India.

Firstly, let me say congratulations to all the students who have successfully completed their graduation and have enrolled for the MBA program in Thakur Institute. Now, I am very happy to share my personal experience about MBA.

Around 30 years ago, I graduated from the university and my father said:“Son, you are able to make your own decision now. ” In 1985, almost everyone used to like to run business and become the manager. So did I. But it was very difficult to find the good opportunity in the big city or big company. So, I decided to go to countryside. That was my first decision.

That time, Chinese government was encouraging and promoting industry by every possible way. The way India is promoting now. You called Make in India, we called Industrialize China. So, I was very lucky to get some financial aid from local government. My proposal was to set up a new food factory. It could help farmers to deliver their canned chicken and fruits to big cities, so that they were able to get the good price in the supermarket. At that time, rural areas of China was no highway and even no railway.

The local government issued a piece of land to me, which was the sugarcane field. Standing in the field, I was very excited and feeling very pleasant. I thought, the capital from the government was my tuition fees for MBA program, and the sugarcane field was my classroom.

However, some local person criticized me recruited too many girls as workers. They said, “The guy is not running the Can factory but just playing with the girls, he is a playboy!”Then, serious investigation was out. I argued, “Please show me your hands, and look at the hands of the girls. In the rural area, here, only their hands are clean, and we are trying to establish the food factory and sell our goods in Supermarket. Cleanliness should be No.1 principle. That’s why I prefer to chose the girls. ”I passed the investigation.

There was another incidence. When we settled down everything and inaugurated our new factory, one day, the machine didn’t run properly. That time, in China there was no enough electricity, particularly, in the rural area. I will never forget that night. We were waiting for the electricity. All of us climbed up the top of the hill looking at the town until every family turns off their lights. There was a pin drop silence. We tried our machine again and it was a success! That year, I was just 22 like you! So, I think I quite understand what you want right now, and quite understand how difficult and how glorious as well Make in India.

Today, the main topic is the relations between our two Countries. Let us share a short film now (Run documentary of Holy-water Diplomacy: Yatra to Manasarovar).

Dear friends, we have just watched the video to show our Manasarovar Yatra. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the Himalaya between India and China. When I was blessed to Manasarovar, I strongly felt Himalaya is not a barrier but a bridge which connects China and India. All of us are sons and daughters of some Mother Rivers. Yangtze River And Yellow River are Mother Rivers of China which come from the north of Himalayas. Ganges is a Mother River of India which comes from the south of Himalaya. So, Himalaya like our great mother, one breast is given to China, and another is given to India. That is why we say Hindi-Chine Bhai-Bhai!

Just a few day ago, my wife and I visited Bodhigaya. Bodhigaya is like Manasarovar to Chinese people, it’s our Jerusalem. There are too many magic stories about it. As soon as I put my foot in the Mahabodhi temple, I was deeply attracted by the holy atmosphere of the Buddhism, which could not be expressed in words. Later on, when I learned to sit down on the ground under the Pipal Tree, closed my eyes and started meditation, the cool breeze touched me, like Buddha came to me. At that moment, I realized why Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India and China are "two bodies with one spirit."

Now, let me focus on today’s topic, India-China relations, I would use three key words to describe it: Change, Market and Opportunity.

What is the Change?

As we all know, after independence, our two countries had been marginalized in the world’s economy. However, over the past three decades, both of us have undertaken profound reforms and opening up. We have seized the opportunities of economic globalization and technological revolution and embarked on the fast track of development, become twin engines for world’s economic growth.

What is the Market?

The Chinese economy has been steadily upgraded while the Indian economy has entered a phase of fast growth. As the second and seventh largest economies respectively, China and India have a combined GDP of over US$ 12 trillion. This huge market with one third of the world’s population will absolutely provide enough space for us to explore together.

What is Opportunity?

However, in the year of 2014, the total amount of China-India’s trade was only US$ 72 billion, which seems not proportional to their combined economic status in the world if we compared with China’s trade volume with other major economies. For example, China-EU trade was more than US$ 550 billions, China-US more than US$ 500 billions, and China-South Korea more than US$ 300 billions. This nevertheless indicates that there is huge potential for our two countries to tap by carrying out a complementary industrial cooperation and investment.

As the representative of China, my job is to connect people. I am very glad that Thakur Institute has given me this opportunity to interact with the young Indian friends who are so lively and full of energy. Recently, there are many Chinese companies trying to invest in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Now, Huawei, ZET, Foton, Haier, Alibaba, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other more than 70 Chinese Companies have set up their factories and offices here, and more Chinese companies will be coming soon. They are definitely need talented people like you. In fact, I have discussed the possibility to run the HR-fair of Chinese Companies in Thakur Institute.

I am also very happy to see the young Indians have now started learning Chinese Language. I want to Congratulate Thakur Institute as they have also started Chinese Language Course. For Chinese side, we may send Chinese language teachers to you in the near future.

Dear friends I don’t want to take much of your time. Enjoy the festival to the fullest. Revive your energies; discover the hidden talents and all the best for your future journey!

Thank you all!

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