Remarks at Chinese New Year's Reception by Consul General Mr. Zheng Xiyuan

(Bangalore, 19th Feb, 2017)



Ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends,

Good evening!

First of all, I would like to wish all of you good health and every success in the Chinese year of Rooster!.

It's really my pleasure to introduce these distinguished Indian guests:


Mr. Sudhakar Rao is Chairman of BSE, and his wife Mrs. Nirupama Rao was appointed as the Ambassador of India to China from 2006 to 2009. Both of them has made great efforts to promote India-China relations.


Mr. V. Bhaskaran, General Secretary of India-China Friendship Association, has been committed to promoting friendship between peoples of our two countries. He has been one of our true friends and comrades, and helped many Chinese people and companies in Bangalore.

And Mr. G. S. Ravi, CEO of China's largest additive maker, Tianhe Chemicals, has set a pilot example for successful cooperation between companies from both sides.


Warm Welcome to you!


In 2016, China made a great effort in harnessing the risk of plunging economic growth, and its GDP increased by 6.7%, with economic restructuring, industrial transformation and updating achieving obvious progress. Scientific and technologic innovation played a key role in propelling overall economic and social development.


Bangalore is learned as the Silicon Valley of Asia, and established sister-city relations with Chengdu , the capital city of Sichuan Province. As we all know, semiconductor industry is one of the most important economic pillars of the city. And just a few days ago, the Global founder, USA,  decided to invest 10 billion USD to build a factory in Chengdu, producing silicon wafer with the diameter of 12-inch.


According to an analysis by PWC, China occupied 56.6% of the global semiconductor market in 2014. This figure shows that China has great influence on world's semiconductor industry. Chengdu and Bangalore have a huge potential of cooperation to tap in semiconductor industry. Based on these, Mr. Tang Liangzhi, Party Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Government, paid a successful visit to Bangalore last December. Within less than two months, Mr. Liu, Vice-Governor of Sichuan Province, who is in charge of industry, will come to this beautiful garden city again in two days. I will accompany Mr. Liu to hold a talk with Chief Minister of Karnataka next Tuesday. Therefore I firmly believe that their dialogue is sure to further the cooperation and exchanges between the sister provinces. As Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Mumbai, I would continue to push for deepening and broadening cooperation and exchanges between Karnataka and Sichuan.


Here I would also stress that local Chinese and Chinese companies have made tremendous contributions to the development of Sino-Indian relations. Huawei Technologies India Private Limited, led by Mr. Zhao Wusong, is well known in Bangalore. And Mr. Chung Chia Chin, leader of Chinese Community, and Mrs. Chen Bin and Mr. Hutu, from Chinese Business Chamber, have always been ready to provide assistance to those fellow Chinese here.


Moreover, in 2016, the Consulate General put much emphasis on protecting the legal rights of local Chinese citizens and enterprises by addressing more than 30 major consular protection cases affecting over 200 Chinese citizens. This year we promise to make good use of the consular protection mechanism, provide quality consular service through the duty line 9769581336 and hot line 008612308, and set up "heart to heart bridge" for Chinese citizens and companies based in India.


With the new year beginning, it seems that everything takes a fresh new look. In addition to pushing forward the economic and trade relations, we would also organize "Visit China" delegations for Karnataka Government officials, promote smart city cooperation, and advance cultural and people-to-people exchanges. China is going to hold "International Cooperation Summit Forum on One-Belt-One-Road" in Beijing in May, as well as BRICS Summit in Xiamen in September. More importantly, the 19th Congress of Chinese Communist Party is set to open later this year. So let's work hard together and compose a magnificent new chapter of Sino-Indian relations.


Tonight's reception is a party for old friends and new. I would thank Ms. Xie Xiaochun & Mr. Andreas Striet's generous support from Shangri-la. I would also like to thank Mr. Su qiguo, Xu Deqian& Yu Yuxi, three chefs who served the delicious Chinese food for us.


I hope you all enjoy the time!

Thank you!

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