Speech at India &China Business Dialogue by Consul General Zheng Xiyuan On June13,2017

Hon'ble Ms. Zhu Yong, Director General of the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Ninad Karpe , Chairman CII Western Region and Managing Director of Aptech, Dr. Saugat Mukerjee, Regional Director CII Western Region, Senior Managers of Indian and Chinese Enterprises,

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good evening!


It's my honour to show very warm welcome to Ms. Zhu and the delegation led by you on behalf of the Consulate General of P. R. China. My colleague, Mr Wang Shicai, Commercial Counsellor told me that you have visited several industrial parks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India and got large number of first-hand materials from Chinese companies in three days. Congratulations to you all for the successful visit.


Meanwhile, please also allow me to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to our old friends from CII, Mr. Ninad Karpe, Dr. Saugat Mukerjee and the beautiful lady, Ms. Alpa Antani. Walking Hand in Hand we have organized several business dialogues together between politicians and entrepreneurs from India and China. Thank you so much to the Great Neighbour for paying lot of Hard work and Sweat for promoting the Pragmatic cooperation between the two great countries, India and China. It is important to note that the cooperation by us are not only has commercial meaning; it has also to strengthen the friendship and trust of 250cr people. It leads towards the foundation of the peace and prosperity in South Asia and even in the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mumbai is India's financial capital and the most dynamic and influential international business centre on the Indian Ocean. Mumbai and Bengaluru which is in my Jurisdiction seems like two wings of the rapid rise of Indian economy. At Present, under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. India 2016 GDP ranks 5th which is after US, China, Japan and Germany, It is the Stunning Chapter in the History of Human Development after 70 years of Independence surpassed from Britain.

In this context, Sino-Indian economic and trade investment has gained good momentum recently. Trade volume reaches 71.18 billion USD in 2016. China is India's largest trade partner, China's total direct investment in Non-financial sector amounted to 1.06 billion USD, an increase of 643.4% over the previous year.

Since 2016, we have received three national leaders from China, deepening the ties in the fields of finance, infrastructure, security and culture. Several days ago, Our President Xi Jinping met with Shri Narendra Modi in Astana, Kazakhstan and exchanged opinions to promote mutual cooperation. The leaders will meet again on the BRICS summit in Xiamen on September later this year.


India and China are two neighbouring countries with huge population in the world. It's Natural to have differences in each other's views. If we treat with frankness and honesty, as long as it will fulfil the programs benefiting the two people, create more job opportunities and increase income, and make the cake of common interest much bigger, the divergence of our two countries will be much less.

So, Dear friends! Let's pull together in forging ahead and roll up our sleeves. We should uphold the views of openness and tolerance, mutual benefit and create win-win model. I believe that as long as we follow the path of leadership of the two countries to forge ahead, our friendship will be unbreakable, we cooperate and the exchange of open space will be infinite.

Congratulations to the Great Success of the India & China Business Dialogue Beforehand.


Thank you all!


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