Consul General Mr. Tang Guocai Delivers a Speech at the Management College of the Indian Education Association

On June 19th, Mr. Tang Guocai, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Mumbai, went to the Management College of the Indian Education Association, which is a well-known business administration (MBA) educational institution in Mumbai. He met with the board of directors and delivered a speech to the MBA program of the College.

Mr. Tang introduced the views and positions of China on the current China-US trade friction. He reviewed the complicated negotiation process of China’s entry into WTO, emphasizing that the road of China's reform, opening up and development is a journey of constant struggle, continuous hard work, perseverance and determination. Mr. Tang said that cooperation between China and the United States would benefit both sides, otherwise both China and the US would be in trouble. Facts of the current trade friction between China and the US are very clear. China adheres its principles, resolutely safeguards its legitimate rights and interests, and at the same time insists on solving problems through equal dialogue. India is currently confronting the United States on GSP treatment. China and India share the same position and principles and should join hands in opposing trade bullying and jointly safeguard the interests of developing countries.

Mr. Tang pointed out that China and India are two major civilizations and representative of Oriental philosophy, and share long history of friendly exchanges. Both China and India should strengthen all-round mutual exchanges and cooperation, jointly tap the common blends of Chinese and Indian civilizations and wisdom, promote Asian values from traditional culture, and make due contributions to human beings.

Mr. Tang said Maharashtra State and Mumbai are the economic engine and cultural center of India. Southwest India is similar to Southeast China, and are both the frontiers of reform, opening up and development. As the most important emerging economies in the world, China and India should tap the potential of bilateral cooperation from economy and trade, and at the same time, work together to build a community of shared future.

Later, General Tang answered questions on China's development, investment of Chinese enterprises in India, Chinese culture etc..

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