Consul General Tang Guocai attended Event of the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce&Industry

On June 22, Mr. Tang Guocai, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Mumbai, attended the Third Global Business Leadership Forum hosted by the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry and delivered a keynote speech.

Mr. Tang said that facts of China-US trade friction are very clear, and China's determination to safeguard its development rights and interests will not waver. The trend of the times will not be stopped by certain ill-intention countries. The time is on the side of developing countries such as China, India and Africa. In the 1950s, China, India and African countries jointly initiated the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. In the new era, China, India and Africa should join hands to resolutely fight against trade bullying and safeguard the common interests of developing countries, international trade order and globalization.

Mr. Tang pointed out that both China and India are civilizations with a long history and Africa is an important source of human civilization. They should draw wisdom from history and culture and contribute to sustainable development of the whole world.

Mr. Tang emphasized China, India and Africa are partners in the development and revival journey. They should fully tap the potential of economic cooperation and trade, cultivate a solid foundation of common interests, comprehensively deepen partnerships and strive to build a community of shared future.

President Singh of the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry and many guests said that the 21st century belongs to Asia, Africa and the developing countries. Economic, trade and investment are the basis of development. International trade order should be upheld for sake of the rights and interests of developing countries. China, India, Africa and other developing countries should hold high the banner of fairness, justice and development, and firmly safeguard the trend of world development.

H.E. Mr. Anil Wadhwa, former Ambassador of India to Thailand, H.E. Mr. Anil Trigunayat, former Ambassador of India to Jordan, H.E. Ms. Marilyn Jalloh, former Minister of Agriculture of Sierra Leone, H.E. Mr. Demeke Ambulo, Consul General of Ethiopia in Mumbai, and more than 500 guests attended the event.

Consul Wang Ang and Consular Attache Fan Haonan attended the event.

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