CG Delivers a Speech to Faculty and Students of TIMSR

On August 12, Mr. Tang Guocai, Consul General of China in Mumbai, delivered a speech via video to faculty and students of the Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research(TIMSR) in Mumbai, introducing China's experience in controlling COVID-19 and the prospects of China-India cooperation in the post-epidemic era. TIMSR Director Pankaj Natu, and representatives from business, film, media circles attended the event with nearly 300 people.

Tang clarified China’s views and stance on the current developments and challenges of anti-epidemic fight, economic turbulence, and global governance. He emphasized that the anti-China forces in the West attempted to scapegoat and control China and maintain their hegemony by imposing neo-colonialism and "new Cold War". This is Anachronistic. China has made important achievements in controlling COVID-19, and its economy has taken the lead to recover worldwide. This is the best response to the provocation.

Tang pointed out that both China and India are facing multiple tasks of fighting the epidemic, developing the economy, and rejuvenating the nation. Some Western forces instigate India to take measures curbing trade, investment and cultural relations with China. It is harmful to not only China-India cooperation and collaborations, but also India itself. It is hoped that India could make independent thinking and judgement and tackle bilateral differences and disputes with China and regional cooperation issues in a pragmatic, open, and rational manner.


Tang emphasized that the China-India relations will see the rainbow after shower. The true colors of the people of China and India and the two ancient civilizations are as brilliant as rainbows, which will surely illuminate and lead the continuous development of bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields. Both China and India have suffered greatly from Western colonists. When they go low, we go high. It is worth mentioning that Jackie Chan and Amir Khan respectively recorded videos to encourage the Indian and Chinese people to fight against the epidemic, which became a symbol of friendship between the Chinese and Indian peoples. Both China and India are peace-loving countries with wisdom. Let us work together to overcome the difficulties, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and lead the region and the world out of the haze of the epidemic and towards a better future.

During the Q&A session, the Indian participants actively interacted and shared the view that India should strengthen practical exchanges and cooperation with China in economic, cultural, educational, scientific research, film, and media sectors, and create a good atmosphere to promote the stable development of bilateral relations.

Deputy CG Wang Yanhua attended the event.

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